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INGENIA, Actividades de Ingeniería y Obra Civil, SLU is a Spanish company specializing in consultancy and integrated engineering powered by an experienced and well contected group of professionals whose aim is to effectively reach their clients´ goals.

Our business ventures span the public and private sector, always working as an independent consultant, providing forward-looking investment solutions such as environmental, technical and economic studies, elaborating technical and managerial projects and project management.

The foundations in wich INGENIA bases it´s business are:  

  • Client satisfaction. Achieved by rapid response, consideration of all client needs and suggesting alternatives to optimize cost effectiveness.
  • Technological Evolution. Adaptation, development and implantation of new technologies.
  • General Quality. Basic principles of our companys’ projects; quality of negotiation, organization and quality technical documentation.
  • Staff. Seasoned trained professionals accustomed to achieving multiple goals simultaneously in team settings.
  • Continuing Education. Continuous investment in education is the competitive edge that keeps us one step ahead of other firms.
  • Interprofessional Relationships. Wide range of professional and business relationships that complement our projects in areas of expertise other than our own.

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