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Projection is the combination of engineering knowledge and techinques while using the resources avaliable to make construction a reality with a social purpose.

Our societal approach, harmony with our environment and making the citizen our most important client creates an environment where the creative process is constantly flourishing.

We believe that the future is made from the present. To do so, engineering projects and their construction must be met from a social and ecological standpoint.

Our organization, INGENIA, is our project. We know that this purpose can only succeed by collaborating with all engineering personel, with companies who make these projects a reality and with the social and public means that they foster.

Projecting the future from the present is achieved by the commitment of our team, cooperating with our clients and collaborators and realizing and promoting engineering. It is our meaning of existence and our responsibility.

If the sector grows we grow and it is only possible to grow from global innovation.

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