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Integrated Project Management utilizes a set of tools that allow the optimization of the execution of the project. In fields like construction and building, financial and human resources and organizational needs, execution control technologies are indispensable.

This service offers integral coverage of the necessities that are considered in the development of a project. We are responsible for the management, development and execution of a project while achieving project timelines.


For each project to guarantee success, INGENIA carries out Project Management's services in five phases:

  1. Conception. The feasibility, cost, term and quality objectives are determined with the client. A first draft is elaborated and the initial budget is agreed upon.
  2. Definition phase. Collaborate in the drafting of the project and the providing of Value Engineering, analyzing the best suited procurement system in each case. This particular phase includes activities such as:
  3.           - Writing of the Basic Project. 
              - Preparation and submittance of all necessary documentation to obtain license. 
              - Analysis of constructive viability. 
              - Optimization of technical solutions. 
              - Administrative managements.
  4. Contracting. At this stage and once prepared and measured the construction project proceeds to call for tenders and their comparative analysis, ending the negotiation and finalizing project contracts.
  5. Execution. We maintain a continuous control on the project, proposing modifications when necessary and avoiding any possible time hinderances, maintaining that the client be fully informed.
  6. Conclusion. We continue to offer ample support to the client, maintaining continuous communication when upon and after completion to guarantee full customer satisfaction, as well as tending to any necessary modifications.)



The Construction Management system ensures our clients maximum control in the execution of their project. This way the traditional figure of the main contractor is eliminated, the client establishes a direct contractual relation with the suppliers, being able to select what is in their best interest.

INGENIA offers also two added services:

  • Managing Contracting. This service simplifies the administrative management of contracts, invoices and payments, providing the client with one contract and a single monthly bill during the process.
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price. We establish an economic objective with the client, assuming the possible deviations that take place.



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