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Since inception, the use of new technologies in the service of the civil engineering has been something constant, the goal is to offer a virtual result of a project by means of the simulation of it´s environment.



As the condition of the technologies allow, and the current demand imposes, the need to edit, along with the project in traditional format, an electronic audio-visual publication.

The presentation fulfills different aims:

  • Thanks to the interactivity and flexibility of the technologies used project´s are more easily comprehended.
  • We utilize interactive technical presentations to convey projects methodologically and depict our organization of each study.
  • Our graphically represention of our projects and construction, set us appart from the competition.
  • During project execution, the electronic production of all the documents, make it possible to synthetically present our project and produce the final product whichs is tailored to the demands of the client.
  • Once the work is realized, the electronic support allows an easier search and a better organization and reutilization of the projects and offers.


MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATIONS DESTINED TO BIG HEARINGS (for greatness or to reach great heights)

The production of formative multimedia objects emerges, now placing priority on these multimedia presentations as opposed to the technical area itself.

Clients who normaslly seek this type of service, are generally, the Public Administration with the need to depict their project goals to their community.




By assimilation we understand, inside this context, all those processes that can show graphically by means of the use of assisted design programs or civil engineering specifics that can combine with multimedia elements.





Sometimes, on unique occasions, it is not necessary to turn to electronic presentation. It is enough to go to the image that reflects the final outcome of the project.

In these circumstances the technology only helps to partially replace the classic "perspective". In other instances, the use of the advanced graphical design programs, can make an apparent difference.

Our position in this regard is to think that technology should be at the service of creativity and not vice versa.
Our experience in this field is extensive, considering it as essential to Unique Works:

“Award of Public Works to draft the design, construction and operation of the wastewater treatment plant of Ribadeo. Ribadeo (Lugo)”


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