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INGENIA considers itself a leading contender in the development of studies submitted for public contest. The combination of our expertise enables us to elaborate the highest quality analysis.

The majority of INGENIA´s work lies in consulting; creating technical documentations for civil engineering biddings.

The termsheets requested by the state and local governments are choosen by the quality of the documents produced.

In this line of work INGENIA offers a major collaboration with the construction company and from phase one accentuates attention to quality. Our work starts with the synthesis of the termsheet up to the technical assistance to the self-control of the company contractor during the execution of the
project. We work with our clients´ so that the projects run smoothly in all phases; execution, construction and in technical assistance.

The connection between termsheets for bidding projects and construction impulses collaboration between companies in the engineering the sector; which we consider to be an essential line of INGENIA.

Within this line, and oriented to favor a complete vision of the presented termsheet, INGENIA counts on computer science applications to create project presentations to be visualized on the computer. The singularities and characteristics of the project are arranged in a graphical representation: photographs, plans, details, texts, representation, relevent virtual vision elements, videos and any other data that is considered opportune for the purpose of the presentation.

We develop the necessary documentation to participate in different public contests, in both administration and private entities, including the economic analysis of future projects. For this we develop a set of documents that
analyze and ensure the technical characteristics and / or the construction or the means of carrying them out relative to an already written project. Of these the most typical are:

  • On Technician in an Offer: Set of documents that defines how to execute an already written project.

     - Construction Program: 
               · Gantt Chart. 
               · Pert Chart. 
               · Space-Time Chart. 
               · Investments Chart. 
               · Measurement Equipments. 
               · Performances Justification. 
               · Masses Chart. 
               · Etc...

     - Constructive Memory: 
               · Work description. 
               · Global Conception. 
               · Dimension Cards. 
               · Flowchart´s personnel. 
               · Sources of suppliers and subcontractors. 
               · Collection needs. 
               · Detours and reinstatement of services. 
               · Etc...

     - Insurance of the Quality Plan (IQP): Set of documents that analyze the technical characteristics and / or construction, relative to an already written project.

     - Plans, reviews and safety and health memories. 

     - Environmental actions program. 

     - Etc. 

  • Coordination in safety and health works.
  • Environmental impact studies.
  • Quality.
  • Visits to construction sites and realization of expropriations annexes and affected services.
  • Any other order relative to the study of a constructive action that a client may need.

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