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It is not possible to predict reality. And the only way that our company can approach a clients’ goals or the reality of their project, is by assisting in execution of the project and by taking part in all possible aspects of the construction. We work hand in hand with construction companies throughout the duration of the projects, each time increasing our knowledge of construction and development, which further helps us assist our clients’.

This work is vital in the formation of the components of a technical department.

We learn that a rigid set of norms do not exist in this aspect of our projects. We learn that the most suitable solutions depend on many more factors than a first thought, that the most favorable economic outcome does not always coincide with the best procedural decision. With the completion of each project we see the growth and expansion of our knowledge base. We combine the safety of what is known by the humility of what we continue to learn.

But like everything, what starts by being a simple project turns into reality, and upon completion and the visualization of the finished product, satisfaction always seems to begenerated. The bad moments pass, and the work stays, and the experience that accompanies each project.

INGENIA´s philosophy is to value projects´ realized afoot as a fundamental piece to improve the executive value of the technical projects. Consequencially, it integrally develops direction of construction sites, safety and health coordinations, and advises on improvements in the projects and systems of execution.

This service is principally directed to offer services that cover technical specific needs as: 

  • Work direction.
  • Work direction Tecnichal assistance.
  • Security and health in the construction.
  • Technical Office Works.
  • Modified Projects.
  • “As Built” projects.
  • Projects and offers analysis.
  • Measurements and costs control in work.
  • Hours control.
  • Rentability analysis.
  • Administrative steps.
  • Contract Negotiations.
  • Project interpretation and adaptation to the real project needs.
  • Measurements control and certifications.
  • Technical coordination between the installers, contractors and material suppliers.
  • Elaboration of plan details project execution.
  • Review and approval survey plans.
  • Execution control, plan reviews, operation norms and maintenance.
  • Receipt of the work preparation.



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